3. Data using organizations take pride in the connections.

Written by Raleigh Gresham

Data using organizations master the connective characteristics of data. They’re tailors that pride themselves on the creative ways data gets stitched together. They don’t spend their resources on taming the bigness of data but focus on taming the way it connects. Data using organizations believe most of data’s asset value is in the other data sets you can hook it to. They value column count over row count and they know the best way to get more columns is to connect more data.

Data using organizations don’t believe human experience and analytics are mutually exclusive. They believe they’re equals and work to connect them. They know skillfully mixing gut-feel and number crunching results in to-dos that actually make sense in the real world. Data using organizations work with qualitative and quantitative data to tell the real story. Separate they’re just information, but together they can make what happens after the analysis realistic.

Data using organizations know that the majority of data is connected to people in some way and that it’s people who bring transactions to life. They know finding and enabling these connections is one of the most powerful approaches to putting data to use. They use people driven data to inspire and start as many conversations as they can and then generate value by putting these data driven conversations to work internally and externally.

Data using organizations believe data comes from everywhere and that all data can be connected. They’re not lazy when it comes to creatively solving for what data and systems lack from a connections stand point. Creative data hooks are a data using organization’s badge of honor.